Services for Parents

KITM reaches out to parents and provides them with whatever support and assistance they need, because we know that a child’s ability to cope with separation, divorce and remarriage is directly related to their parents’ wellbeing.

At Our Agency


A Consultation is a “parent(s) only” session. Consultations are helpful for parents who are getting ready to separate and would like to consult with a KITM therapist about the best way to tell the children. Consultations can also be useful for parents who are getting remarried and would like to talk about ways to prepare for their new, blended family.

Individual Counseling for Parents

Individual Counseling for Parents enables parents to stabilize themselves emotionally so they can focus on the needs of their children. This service is solution-focused and centers on the parent’s ability to adjust to single parenting and learn how to assist their children through the divorce transition.

Co-Parenting Counseling

Forming a good co-parenting relationship may be challenging for some parents after separation and divorce. KITM has a number of options to assist you in becoming the best co-parent you can be.