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Kids In The Middle is...

  • Comprehensive and Experienced
    With an unparalleled base of knowledge and 42 years of highly relevant experience, we offer the most comprehensive, expert counseling for separated or divorced families. We offer our services to families before, during and after divorce. And, our clients are welcome to return at any time in the future.
  • Focused on the Whole Family
    Our focus is on helping families function better within the context of separation, divorce or remarriage for the ultimate benefit of the children involved. For that purpose, we offer services and programs developed for children and parents that address many aspects of the family experience.
  • Objective and Confidential
    Our clients, regardless of their age, enjoy complete confidentiality with their therapists. We maintain the utmost objectivity while honoring our commitment of confidentiality in every case. We will not become an arbiter of anyone’s agenda — the courts or otherwise.
  • Affordable for Everyone
    Because we’re focused on helping families of all types, we offer a sliding scale fee process to ensure our services are reasonably within everyone’s reach.

Services & Information

Initial Interview

The first step to accessing our counseling services is through the initial interview process. This first appointment is for parents, and a subsequent appointment is scheduled for the children. Therapists meet with parents separately to understand the issues affecting them and to talk about their concerns regarding their children. Therapists also provide parents with information about the counseling services offered. Parents may tour the office, including the Group and Family Counseling rooms, art therapy rooms, play therapy room, and the sand-tray therapy rooms. This helps them to get a better understanding of what happens during counseling sessions with parents and children. Once the initial interview process is complete with each parent and the children, ongoing counseling services are recommended for the child(ren) and the family as needed.

Please note: Parents need not have been married to utilize our services. Also, families may come to KITM at any time throughout the separation and divorce process. Families are also welcome to come back long after the separation and divorce process is completed.