Our model is unique and effective, and there are opportunities for non-profit agencies throughout the U.S. to become licensed providers of the KITM Program.

Feel free to contact us or call Meredith Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, at (314) 909-9922, to discuss whether or not becoming a KITM licensee will work for you and your agency.

How does the license work?

Licensed agencies are entitled to the use of the Kids In The Middle name, logo, materials and activities. Our staff provides comprehensive training and ongoing assistance regarding program implantation, marketing and community involvement.

The process for becoming a licensee includes:

  • Initial discussion with our Chief Executive Officer about the KITM program and the possible fit with your agency
  • Your agency submits an application to KITM
  • Follow-up discussion with our Chief Executive Officer
  • A site-visit may be arranged
  • If all parties are in agreement, a licensing agreement outlining program requirements, deliverables and fees are drawn up and signed by both parties
  • The initial licensing fee is paid by your agency
  • KITM staff will provide initial training and materials to your staff
  • Your agency provides quarterly and annual reports to KITM
  • KITM conducts an annual site visit to ensure quality of services and implementation of the program