Krusader for Kids

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During the most difficult times, parents want to protect their children, so they turn to Kids In The Middle for help. They know that we have a highly-skilled staff and trust us to provide emotional support and coping skills regardless of their ability to pay.

For a children, dealing with their parents’ separation or divorce creates feelings of anxiety, sadness, and loneliness. Research in the field supports the benefits of counseling services for children during this difficult family transition.

It’s more than just helping children tune into their thoughts and feelings. KITM provides a confidential, supportive, and nurturing environment for children to learn coping skills that will help them now, and in the future. We want to be able to help every child and family who asks Kids In The Middle for assistance.

As a Krusader for Kids, you have the opportunity to help provide much-needed counseling services for children whose families cannot afford it.

Begin to change a child’s life today with a monthly gift!

Defender $146   Mender $73   Keeper $38   Protector $18

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