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Celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2020 with Kids

Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kids

Little kids make celebrating New Year’s Eve at home a no-brainer. And with the pandemic in play, there’s no fear of missing out on parties or gatherings. We’re all at home this year. You can still make it fun, though.

1. Watch the ball drop
This year, the ball drop in Times Square is still happening, just virtually and without the crowds. You can even “fake” the ball drop (if the kiddos can’t really make it to midnight) with recordings you can find online to play on the television.

2. Be festive
I know no one is looking, but this is about making memories. Get dressed up. Pour fancy cocktails (mocktails for the kids). Make (or order!) a glorious New Year’s Eve dinner, served on silver, and with the good china. Wear silly 2021 hats. And take all the pictures.

3. Honor all the traditions
You can still make resolutions. You can still sing Auld Lang Syne. You can toast champagne and sparkling juice, and eat all the traditional good luck food. And everyone gets a kiss at “midnight.”

4. Virtual Celebration
There’s always Zoom. And in these precarious times, celebrating from a distance is a small price to pay to keep everyone safe. You can count down to midnight with family and friends!