About Us

Our Mission

Kids In The Middle empowers children, parents and families during and after divorce through counseling, education and support.

Our Promise

KIds In The Middle promises healthier futures for children of divorced families.

Our History

The Agency opened its doors in 1977, providing Group Counseling for Children whose families are experiencing trauma due to parental separation, divorce, and remarriage. Since that time, our services have expanded to serving the whole family, including parents. Kids In The Middle has an unparalleled base of knowledge and relevant experience offering the most comprehensive, expert counseling in this specific mental health field.

We have a passion for children. We know that children of parental separation and divorce adjust much better when they are able to share their feelings with other children. We also know that children cope more effectively when their parents are involved. By working with parents, we help them settle themselves emotionally and learn how to help their children. Most importantly, we help parents reduce conflict, communicate and co-parent to provide their kids with safe, loving homes. Parents need not have been married to utilize our services.

Families come to us not only during the divorce process. They also find our services helpful even after many years have passed. Kids In The Middle provides a safe, confidential and objective place for children and parents to work through family transition issues. For more information about our counseling services, call (314) 909-9922 to speak to one of our Clinical Coordinators.

Our Story

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